Stone Size Comparisons with Hand Shots November 25 2014

We know it's hard to visualize stone sizes when shopping online, so we hope these pictures will be helpful.  We will be adding to this post with more stone shapes, sizes, settings, and styles.  

These pictures show 6.5mm/1.03 carats, 7mm/1.28 carats, 7.5mm/1.28 carats, 8mm/2.04 carats Light Yellow Tint Hearts & Arrows Round Brilliant stones:




These pictures show 5mm/.46 carat, 7mm/1.28 carat, 5.5mm/.66 carat, 6mm/.84 carat G-H color Hearts & Arrows Round Brilliant stones:









This picture shows 6.5mm Round Brilliant- 1.03ct, 6mm Cushion - .85ct, 5.5mm Cushion- .7ct, 5mm Cushion- .5ct, US Dime, Size 6.5 Ring Finger