G-H vs. Light Yellow Tint Color Stones May 09 2014

Here are some comparison pictures showing the G-H color stones we always use vs. a Light Yellow Tint color.  Both are absolutely beautiful and extremely realistic, making it impossible to recommend one over the other.  It really comes down to how much warmth you'd like to see in your stone.  The G-H stones have just a slight hint of warmth, adding depth and character, which really distinguishes them from that glassy, icy white look you typically see with CZ.  The Light Yellow Tint has an exquisite warmth throughout the body of the stone and is scintillating face up.  One of our lovely buyers compared the two stones so eloquently saying, " I love how the yellow tint adds warmth, I feel the G-H gives off more light, and allows dimensions to be viewed a bit clearer."




 The next 2 pictures show side by side comparison of the identical solitaire made with a Light Yellow Tint stone vs. G-H color stone

Click here to go to our Vine page and see a video of this same ring comparison

Solitaire made with the Light Yellow Tint Stones - click here to see more pictures and purchase