Classic 6 Prong CZ Engagement Ring Solitaires & Plain Wedding Band Options December 31 2015

Such a beautiful, classic look - the 6 prong solitaire engagement ring paired with a plain wedding band.  Made with solid, substantial, unplated sterling silver and cubic zirconia.

We make the 6 prong solitaire with your choice of stone cut, stone size, and ring size from 3-13 including 1/2 and 1/4 sizes.   See links below the pictures for options.

We make plain wedding bands in 2.5mm and 2.8mm width - both pair beautifully with the 6 prong solitaire.



Classic 6 Prong Solitaire in 1.28-3 carat size: Click here

Classic 6 Prong Solitaire in 0.46 -1.03 carat size: Click here

Classic 6 Prong Solitaire with a Light Yellow Tint stone: Click here

Classic 6 Prong Solitaire with an OEC/Old European Cut stone: Click here

2.5mm wedding band: Click here

2.8mm wedding band: Click here


Princess vs. Cut Corner Princess Stones & Settngs November 10 2015

The Cut Corner Princess is just like a regular Princess, but instead of having pointed square edges, the edges are slightly angled or "cut" to allow the stone to be set in traditional settings.  Here are some comparison images of the 2 stones in the settings they can be set into, along with wedding bands:

Many more pictures and angles of each of the rings can be seen in their individual listings:

Click here for Princess Cut Solitaire

Click here for 2.6mm Soft Knife Edge Wedding Band

Click here for Cut Corner Princess Solitaire

Click here for 2.8mm Sterling Silver Wedding Band

Stone Size Comparisons with Hand Shots November 25 2014

We know it's hard to visualize stone sizes when shopping online, so we hope these pictures will be helpful.  We will be adding to this post with more stone shapes, sizes, settings, and styles.  

These pictures show 6.5mm/1.03 carats, 7mm/1.28 carats, 7.5mm/1.28 carats, 8mm/2.04 carats Light Yellow Tint Hearts & Arrows Round Brilliant stones:




These pictures show 5mm/.46 carat, 7mm/1.28 carat, 5.5mm/.66 carat, 6mm/.84 carat G-H color Hearts & Arrows Round Brilliant stones:









This picture shows 6.5mm Round Brilliant- 1.03ct, 6mm Cushion - .85ct, 5.5mm Cushion- .7ct, 5mm Cushion- .5ct, US Dime, Size 6.5 Ring Finger

OEC & OMC CZ Rings, Earrings, & Pendants - Stunning Sterling & Argentium silver jewelry created with Old European Cut and Old Mine Cut Cubic Zirconias November 04 2014

Newly Listed Old European Cut Earrings

New Light Yellow Tint color Old Mine Cut Solitaire 


New Champagne color Old Mine Cut Solitaire


These are some custom pieces that have not been listed in our store yet as well as some color comparison photos.  If you would like to have any of these items created for you, or are interested in something similar click here to contact us.












New Stones & Styles - Updated! October 03 2014

Here's a sneak peek of some of the new stones, settings, styles, colors, and bands we will be adding to our line up.  Stone cuts include Asscher, Brilliant Pillow, Cushion, Cut Corner Princess, Hearts & Arrows Round Brilliant, OEC, OMC, Princess, and more.  Some stones are available in a stunning light yellow tint as well as light champagne color.  We will also be adding many more cut, color, and stone size options for the three stone rings.

We have an incredible new 6 prong sterling silver solitaire setting.  It's a classic beauty, but also very thick and strong, and can accommodate round stones up to at least 8.5mm/2.43 carats.  We will also be offering new styles for our 925 sterling and Argentium silver hand forged bands including knife edge and hammered texture, along with matte and brushed finishes.  

Scroll down to see pictures!

Click here to see the new styles that have already been listed  All the rings pictured below will be listed soon, and many new styles of earrings and pendants too.











Sterling Silver and Skin Discoloration - Causes and Solutions May 10 2014

Tradecraft Jewelry is made with pure, unplated 925 Sterling or Argentium Sterling Silver from only the most reputable and trusted US suppliers.  

Statistics say 2-3% of people have skin chemistry that causes sterling silver alloys to turn their skin green, black, or grey.  If you have experienced this issue, please read the information below for causes, prevention, and solutions. 

  • Can 925 Sterling or Argentium Sterling Silver turn your finger green or other colors?  Yes.  It is very rare, but it can happen.  When sterling silver tarnishes, the jewelry turns black, which can then rub off on skin and cause black discoloration. People with moist skin may also notice green discoloration. To avoid discoloration caused by tarnishing, polish your jewelry regularly with a silver polishing cloth or silver cleaner, and always be sure to keep your jewelry clean and dry.  
  • Sterling silver is an alloy of silver containing 92.5% by mass of silver and 7.5% by mass of other metals, usually copper, or germanium for argentium silver. (Source: There can be quite a bit of variance from manufacturer to manufacturer in that other 7.5% and that is why one sterling silver ring may cause a reaction while another does not.
  • Here is some great information about the chemical reaction that can cause skin to turn green/colors in a small percentage of people, and some possible solutions, courtesy of the seller CoolRings on eBay:
  • "Silver is Beautiful, however pure silver is too soft and can easily scratch and become damaged, so it is alloyed with copper to make Sterling Silver (92.5% silver+7.5% copper). this is how we get the mark 925 for sterling silver.
  • Don't panic, This "green finger effect" is a reaction to the copper alloy in the sterling silver specially if you have high body acidity . It happens to about 2-3% of people and percentage is increasing due to increased percentages of chemicals in our environment and food we eat. 
  • Sometimes these reactions are occasional and happen when someone eats something with high acidity like tomatoes, if someone is taking certain medications, or due to excitement.
  • Soaking the ring for a day or two in a 50/50 mixture of household ammonia and water will take care of the problem. 
  • Another solution is to simply clean the ring every day with a silver polishing cloth . After about a week or two, the reaction will stop occurring
  • Applying a layer of Jeweler's Skin Guard (which we can provide for you) on the inside of the ring will prevent perspiration & body sweat from reaching the metal and reacting to it. Clear nail polish will also work.
  • Keep your skin dry when wearing jewelry.  Remove ring before showering, sleeping, exercising, strenuous activities, or using cleaning products.
  • Keep your jewelry clean. If the piece begins to tarnish, clean it immediately.

  • Mass produced retail store jewelry is often plated with rhodium (rhodium is a form or platinum), which prevents this reaction from happening to anyone with the allergy. Not all silver rings are plated.  All of the items sold on are made with pure, unplated, 925 sterling silver or Argentium sterling silver. We do not do any electroplating, or use any plated metals, silver filled metals, etc. 

  • If you are interested in having your jewelry rhodium plated, a local jeweler can usually do this for you  fairly inexpensively.

Care, Cleaning, & Things to Avoid May 10 2014

People often ask if their jewelry will stay looking beautiful.  The answer is absolutely yes, with some basic cleaning and care. Fortunately sterling silver and cubic zirconia are very easy to keep clean and shiny with products that can be purchased at local stores.  Here are the main products we use and love and some helpful cleaning and care tips:

  • Connoisseurs Precious Jewelry Cleaner - - We've used this product successfully for many years for quick cleaning of both stones and silver.  It does a great job making the stones sparkly clean.  Very fast and convenient, we keep this product on our bathroom sink and pop my jewelry into it once a week or so.
  • Connoisseurs Jewelry Wipes Compact - - These are incredible!  These easy to use, disposable wipes, clean your jewelry and leave an anti-tarnish coating.  They come in a convenient compact case.  They can be found in the jewelry section at Walmart as well.
  • 3M Tarni-Shield Silver Polish - - This is an amazing silver polish and tarnish inhibitor!  It's very easy to use, makes your silver super shiny, and adds a protective anti-tarnish coating.  This is not something you have to use often, but if you feel like your silver is looking a little dull, or you get your ring wet frequently and want to prevent tarnish, using this product will give fantastic results. 
  • A cotton swab can be very helpful for cleaning the hard to reach areas. Especially the ones with pointed tip like these - 
  • All of the products listed are stone safe. As always, rub gently, and make sure to wash away all of the polish when you're finished to see the maximum sparkle and shine.
  • Things to avoid while wearing your silver: Chlorine and pool chemicals, swimming, showering, bleach, household cleaners and chemicals.  Always keep your silver clean and dry and free of hand lotions, perfume, hair products, body oils, makeup, etc.  
  • Keep your skin dry when wearing jewelry.  Remove ring before showering, sleeping, exercising, strenuous activities, or using cleaning products.
  • Try to follow the "Last On - First Off" jewelry rule, especially with rings.  Make your jewelry the last thing you put on before you leave the house - after showering, applying lotion, hair products, perfume, etc., and the first thing you take off when you get home, particularly if you're doing housework, dishes, gardening, or anything that could potentially cause damage.
  • Even if your silver gets tarnished or discolored....don't panic!  The beauty of unplated sterling silver is that it can always be cleaned, buffed, and polished backed to a magnificent shine!
  • Green or black finger? Statistics say 2-3% of people have skin chemistry that may cause sterling or argentium silver alloys to initially turn their skin green, black or other colors.  If you have experienced this issue or have concerns, please visit for more information and solutions.
  • As with any handmade jewelry, wear with care, be gentle, and be sensible. :)   

G-H vs. Light Yellow Tint Color Stones May 09 2014

Here are some comparison pictures showing the G-H color stones we always use vs. a Light Yellow Tint color.  Both are absolutely beautiful and extremely realistic, making it impossible to recommend one over the other.  It really comes down to how much warmth you'd like to see in your stone.  The G-H stones have just a slight hint of warmth, adding depth and character, which really distinguishes them from that glassy, icy white look you typically see with CZ.  The Light Yellow Tint has an exquisite warmth throughout the body of the stone and is scintillating face up.  One of our lovely buyers compared the two stones so eloquently saying, " I love how the yellow tint adds warmth, I feel the G-H gives off more light, and allows dimensions to be viewed a bit clearer."




 The next 2 pictures show side by side comparison of the identical solitaire made with a Light Yellow Tint stone vs. G-H color stone

Click here to go to our Vine page and see a video of this same ring comparison

Solitaire made with the Light Yellow Tint Stones - click here to see more pictures and purchase

Welcome - We are open! May 08 2014

Welcome to the Tradecraft Jewelry online shop

  • We are open and accepting orders  
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