Hand Model Gallery

M's Classic 6 Prong CZ Engagement Ring, 11mm K-M Color Round Brilliant Stone set in a Sterling Silver Solitaire January 05 2016

Let's take a moment to marvel at M's stunning hands and nails once again, this time showing her 925 sterling silver 6 prong solitaire, with 11mm K-M colored Hearts & Arrows round brilliant cut stone.  We are so grateful for these beautiful images.  

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M's 14k Yellow Gold 10mm Vintage Cushion Cut Halo Cubic Zirconia Solitaire June 12 2015

M's absolutely gorgeous hand (and nails!) showing her 14k yellow gold halo solitaire with 10mm H-J color vintage cushion cut stone.  Thank you so much for these pictures and angles that show the beautiful setting and warm stone color so well!

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M's 14k Yellow Gold 10x8mm Warm Rectangular Asscher Trellis Solitiaire April 22 2015

M's beautiful hand wearing her 14k yellow gold trellis solitaire with 10x8mm warm rectangular asscher stone.  Thank you so much for sharing these gorgeous pictures!

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M's 11mm & 12mm K-M Color Hearts & Arrows Round Brilliant & 10x8mm Warmer Rectangular Asscher Trellis Solitaires Paired with 316L Eternity Bands April 22 2015

Extra special thank you to hand model M for these stunning pictures of her custom solitaires, paired with 3 of her own 316L stainless steel eternity bands.  The eternity bands are actually toe rings Silver Effects in Arizona.  M has a size 3.5 finger and it can be quite hard to find eternity bands in this size.  These toe rings are great quality and such a clever solution for smaller finger sizes!  As you can see, the color of the 316L stainless steel is also a great color match to the 925 sterling silver solitaires.

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